Toothache is  the worst pain ever 

Say goodbye to

  1.  Cancer of the Teeth
  2. Yellowing or Darkening of the Tooth
  3. Teeth Decay
  4. Toothache
  5. Mouth Odour
  6. Bleeding Gum
  7. Tooth sensitivity

gain back your confidence without breking a bank

  • With this Rhizoma Coptidis Toothache Relief, you get fast relief from Mouth-ache, and a better breath. which boosts your confidence in public and increases your all-round productivity in life


Protects Your Tooth from the inside- Out:
  1. Antibacterial growth. inhibits bacterial growth in teeth. the active ingredients in this dental solution has antibacterial inhibitors. that ensure bad breath-causing bacterias do not breed and grow in your mouth.
  2. internal pain Eliminator:
    deep penetration eliminates tooth roots. this product goes deep into the root canals of your tooth to tackle the cause of root teeth pain. thereby providing long-lasting relief from tooth pain and also helping prevent tooth loss, cancer of the teeth, and teeth decay
  3. Repairs and Balances Mouth Ph: one way this product takes care of bad breath is by repairing and balancing the pH of your mouth. this pH balance also eliminates the growth of moth odour-causing microorganisms and also stops you from having bleeding gum and tooth sensitivity.
  • PRICE: 16,500 NAIRA ONLY
  • NOW: 9,500​
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